Your work is your service

People will only know you from your actions. When people speak about what you do and the quality of your output unless they are unusually favourable to you, they will look at your past work as evidence of your capabilities and your commitment to your craft. Every time you start a piece of work, or… Read more »

No more false promises

We all make false promises – my number 1 is about timing. I will always say I am only ten minutes away when I know I am about 30 mins away. Ok, so it’s annoying for the person waiting for me but its not totally harmful. However some false promises are harmful and 9 times… Read more »

Criticism at work

No one likes criticism. Not from friends, family, strangers or colleagues. It is what it is. However, the way we work means that we will have appraisals, receive feedback and our work will be reviewed and on many occasions criticised. Criticism at work seems to sting more because it is never a purely transparent process…. Read more »

Put the focus back on YOU

A lot can happen in an hour, a morning and yes, a day. You can wake up in a positive space and by your morning coffee be upset, disappointed and angry. Listen, people will let you down, they will argue with you for silly reasons, they won’t appreciate you, they won’t be grateful for the… Read more »

No Half Measures

Throughout my career and working life I have received a lot of feedback, one particular point that continued to come up was that I never really completely finished things off. At the end of the deal, I didn’t focus on sorting out the documents neither did I finish my filing until I was pushed to…. Read more »

When you can’t get it right

We all go through bad phases; Periods where you continue to make the same silly mistakes or miss the same details time and time again. Quite frankly, it can become confidence damaging, very quickly. The thing is, you realise you are in this period, beat yourself up about it but you don’t seem to make… Read more »

Celebrate Yourself

We all have aspirations, aims, ideals, goals and dreams. As we grow, these dreams grow, mature, change and develop and if we aren’t careful we forget why we started. Sometimes we are so focused on achieving something new, creating something new, winning a new award or taking things to the “next” level that we forget… Read more »

Do More

Sometimes we have always wanted to do something but we have just been too afraid to do it. I opened up my laptop and looked at the first set of ideas I ever wrote down about myself about three years ago. It was shocking that while some things had improved, I was still in the… Read more »



Hi Guys, welcome to my blog and thank you for reading my first post! It’s taken me a long time to get here but I am glad that I have finally made it! I will be posting up some blogs shortly so please read and let me have your comments. Nothing I say is perfect… Read more »