Be your Biggest Cheerleader

Sometimes we look for reassurance from those around us. We want those around us to rate or like what what we are doing. Now, if your friends are anything like mine, they will support you and encourage  and when launching this blog I received a lot of support from my friends and still do til… Read more »

Say it, See it and then Slay

I have always struggled with affirmations. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s easier to make blanket statements about wanting to be successful, making money and putting in the work but it was always harder for me to be specific about what I believed about who I was and who I was going to… Read more »

How to push that little bit harder

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes your energy can be drained by the repetitive and monotonous nature of work. Once your passion slips, it can be hard to stop it snowballing and soon you find everything you are doing is boring, stressful and uninteresting. The pressure of deadlines and the importance of… Read more »

Bounce Back

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. At work, in business and in collaborations, the list goes on but as you already know, the long term effect of a mistake on your reputation and on your confidence can be limited if you take the right action ASAP. Honesty is the best remedy for a mistake. Once… Read more »

5 things you need to do if you are heartbroken

Heartbreak is nuts. There isn’t anything worse than it (in my experience). It’s not just about a relationship break down – a failed business and a failed job are things which can also cause heartbreak. My main issue with heartbreak is there is no guaranteed recovery time: it’s not a 30 day guarantee. It can… Read more »

Leave your anger behind

Anger isn’t all bad. We need to get angry sometimes. Anger demonstrates passion and (when used positively) can push through change. My anger pushed me to stand up for myself, fight for others and got me noticed when I was younger but it wasn’t always cute. Using anger to solve an injustice is one thing,… Read more »

You Can Do Better

I had an uncomfortable conversation with a friend. It was more annoying than uncomfortable to be honest. See, I had developed this habit of making excuses for not exercising and didn’t like to get pulled up on it. When I was asked “How bad to you want it?” I nearly flipped. Eh excuse me, obviously… Read more »

Emotional Hangovers

We all have emotional hangovers for different reasons. Whether its due to a failure or a rift between you and someone you care about or something you just can’t let go. Just like a hangover, these periods slow you down and moping about doesn’t help you it just prolongs the bounce back. The idea for… Read more »

Celebrate Yourself

We all have aspirations, aims, ideals, goals and dreams. As we grow, these dreams grow, mature, change and develop and if we aren’t careful we forget why we started. Sometimes we are so focused on achieving something new, creating something new, winning a new award or taking things to the “next” level that we forget… Read more »