Be your Biggest Cheerleader

Sometimes we look for reassurance from those around us. We want those around us to rate or like what what we are doing. Now, if your friends are anything like mine, they will support you and encourage  and when launching this blog I received a lot of support from my friends and still do til this day. However, whenever someone would ask about the blog or compliment me about what I was doing, I would downplay the blog, or say I felt like quitting because at that time I didn’t really believe in what I was doing.

See I quickly realised that I was looking for support from others as a way to actually validate what I was doing but it didn’t matter how many compliments, comments or retweets I got – I was never going to be happy if I didn’t have true confidence in myself. I had to back myself. I couldn’t just rely on others to promote my projects, I had to actively believe in myself all the time. Instead of being disheartened, I started to watch others who had been working for longer and see their habits. I noticed that regardless of their profile, they continued to self promote – to encourage people to interact with them and this is the same for you and I. It was there confidence which

Sometimes we want to be modest, hoping that something we do will get picked up and go viral or a flurry of people will appreciate our efforts but at the end of the day we need to be our biggest cheerleaders. No one is going to understand your desires more than you – for every goal you set or achievement you aim for you need to have the solid foundation of self belief and confidence. Don’t let your self doubt stop you from pushing yourself into the limelight and pushing your product, blog or business. You need to make sure that you promote yourself – share what you are doing with everyone around you and don’t become disheartened – stay consistent. If the methods you are using aren’t working, be open to trying something new but keep your confidence up.

Love Xx