Say it, See it and then Slay

I have always struggled with affirmations. I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s easier to make blanket statements about wanting to be successful, making money and putting in the work but it was always harder for me to be specific about what I believed about who I was and who I was going to be come.

People say that affirmations don’t work when you don’t keep up consistency but I think it’s deeper than that. The idea of an affirmation is that you say it so many times you begin to actually believe it which does work but I struggled with affirmations because I didn’t believe in what I wanted to affirm in my life and I didn’t believe simply repeating something over and over again could convince my mind that it was possible. Affirmations were never going to work for me if I couldn’t get past this first hurdle and I believe it is the case for many others.

No matter many how many affirmations I have written out and recited, nothing has worked more for me then actually seeing myself in the position I was repeating. I want to be a great inspirational speaker. Repeating “I am a great inspirational speaker,” didn’t work as well as me seeing myself on a podium actually speaking and inspiring others. I want to be a successful working mother and so everyday as I walked to work I imagined that I had dropped my children off to school before. It sounds really weird but I believe it is working and better yet, each time I envision these things I feel so much better in that moment.

I am not saying affirmations don’t work, but I am saying that for me, I needed to take a further step of actually seeing myself being the person my affirmations were telling me I am. If you are struggling with affirmations, whether your struggle is with believing them, remembering to repeat them or having too many of them – just pick one dream for now.

Put achieving that dream at the forefront of your mind and continually imagine yourself achieving that dream. It could be as simple as driving an expensive car or buying an expensive pair of shoes but just keep focusing on and saying affirmations in relation to that dream. Once you get into the habit you can start to add more dreams to your mental list. The vision grows with all the things you want falling into place in your visions the same way they will fall into place in your life.

Regardless of your method for manifesting your dreams. Consistency is still key.
Love Xx