Why I won’t just see how it goes

“I’ll see how it goes.”

I hate this phrase. I can’t tell you one dream I have achieved seeing how anything was going to go.

Some people say don’t force things and I agree. We all know what it’s like when we have forced a relationship or tried to push something through at the wrong time. If something doesn’t work it can lead to big disappointments but at least you can rest in the comfort that you tried . Life is about timing but be warned there is a FINE line between not overdoing something and being negligent. This is YOUR life.

Don’t leave crucial things in your life to fate or to the universe. Take the action you should in order to ensure you get what you want. Action can be praying, planning, educating, networking or even visualising. Like Andy Ayim says, life is a game of inches. 

I find we leave things to fate when deep down we don’t want to commit the time and effort it will take to bring something to life. It could be fear, lack of knowledge or even worse laziness. We take comfort in fate because we completely shave off any real accountability for our own success. We see this as less of a heartache when it doesn’t work. You lower your expectations to save yourself from disappointment, we do this so, if it doesn’t work, we didn’t really feel because we didn’t put in a real effort.

Listen, you don’t need to save face when it comes to your own dreams. Anyone who is around you, who really has your back, won’t be interested in lording your failures over you – they will want to restore you. If you are around people who are quick to remind you of your mistakes only (rather than challenging you to remember what you have learnt and improve for the next time) you should take their concerns with a pinch of salt.

So no more seeing how it goes. Commit, plan, execute and keep it moving. I am not fearless by any stretch but to be honest I have one life and I can’t spend time just seeing how things are going to go. If I fail so be it but I won’t just see how it goes.

Love Xx