Watch your words

What we say about ourselves is more important than what anybody says about us. It’s funny because people are sometimes more focused on what they hear or believe other people have said about them. I had a tough conversation with one of my closest friends about the words she used to describe herself. Aside from the fact that there was a few misunderstandings between us, I really wanted to show her that what she said and thought about herself affected her in her everyday life.

We have all heard the phrase “the power of life and death are in the tongue,” and we sometimes don’t grasp the full message. Life is not straightforward or easy. We are continually tested, tried and stretched. Bad experiences and bad feelings always seem to linger within our minds for longer but your failures or past history isn’t a reason to use negative words to describe yourself or embrace negativity when thinking about your future.

Pick the words you use to describe yourself carefully. If you call yourself stupid or worthless then you are setting yourself up for failure. These aren’t just fly away words – the words you use to describe yourself stem from what you think about yourself and overflow into how you treat yourself. It’s about confidence. If you say you are worthless, it sends your own mind a message that you are worthless. Think about how you would treat something that you consider worthless. You wouldn’t look after it, if you damaged it you wouldn’t care.

Don’t get it twisted – valuing yourself isn’t about buying nice clothes, wearing makeup or eating at nice restaurants. It is about believing you are the best, that you deserve the best job, the best quality relationships and to have the best career. You can look good all day but if as soon as you get disheartened, you start to cuss yourself out – what’s the point? A wardrobe full of clothes and the tightest wig isn’t going to help move your life forward in the way it needs to go, if you aren’t believing you are worthy of the best. Valuing yourself is about saying no to toxic relationships, no to messy situations and forgiving yourself for past mistakes and taking the best opportunities.

This journey isn’t easy but help yourself along but checking what you say about yourself makes a big difference.

Love Xx