How to push that little bit harder

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes your energy can be drained by the repetitive and monotonous nature of work. Once your passion slips, it can be hard to stop it snowballing and soon you find everything you are doing is boring, stressful and uninteresting. The pressure of deadlines and the importance of the work you are doing make no difference to how you feel. Standards slip and your motivation is gone.

Even if you aren’t in love with your job, you can still end up feeling frustrated and drained and this holds you back from what you are really trying to do. You spend the whole day waiting to go home so that you can start work on your real passion but by the time you get home you are tired and don’t have the energy to do anything.

If you want to get out of this funk there are a few things you need to do. Firstly, take a day off. Sometimes you need a clear break. A day just completely to yourself to rest and totally switch up. Going to work every day and feeling trapped can add to you feeling defeated. A day to relax or have fun is what you need in order to refresh yourself. Sometimes you may need more than a day, you may need a few days or even a holiday but regardless of how much time you take off, dedicate the time to relaxing, clearing your mind and refreshing yourself. Don’t waste time worrying or dreading returning to work but instead de-stress and revitalize.

Get up earlier to get the best out of the day. How you start the day will affect how the day goes. If you are in a funk, wake up earlier and think about what you want to achieve. Use the extra time to get organised, meditate, pray or plan. If you are in a funk it is usually because you feel you have no energy or time. If you wake up earlier, you give yourself a better opportunity to get the best out of the little time you have. This is especially important for those who are trying to launch a side hustle or a business which will hopefully replace their 9-5. Waking up earlier will also stop you from oversleeping and feeling sluggish. Either way, accomplishing something before you get to work will make you feel better about the day ahead.


Make sure you have a balance. Most of your day is spent at work so make sure that you have planned your down time and your time outside of work. Don’t let work to drain you to the point where it robs you of the time you should be using to develop your own ideas and do the things you actually enjoy. The time outside of work is yours to enjoy. Don’t let work cloud your mind before you get to work and after you leave. This hinders you, increases your resentment and prevents you from giving your all as you are mentally exhausted. I know this is hard due to blackberries, the ability to log on from home and the worry that someone has emailed you with an urgent question which you feel you need to answer right away. However, if you do need to be available outside of works hours, limit the times you check your blackberry and be aware that you do not always need to respond immediately.

Always plan ahead. If work is on your mind as soon as you wake up, make sure that before you leave the office that day you write of list of what needs to get done the next day so once you wake up you can relax knowing that your day is already taken care of. When you have a clear set of things you need to enjoy, you feel more organized and more able to deal with the day ahead. Being in a better frame of mind will make you feel more confident.

Finally, keep your standards high. It is hard to be consistent, but the reality is, the things that make us good at what we do aren’t always the things we to do with our intelligence but with our diligence. If you notice your standards are slipping, pull yourself up. Anytime you can’t be bothered or want to “fudge” something, don’t. Be on time, be present in meetings and be prepared. Fair enough you are frustrated but don’t add unnecessary stress to your life but not getting the basics covered. The mistakes that annoy us and lead to discouragement are usually the schoolboy errors we we could have been avoided.

Just remember this, you will get there.

Love Xx